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Advancement to Master Horner

On March 6, 2016, I was awarded the title of Master Horner at the Honourable Company of Horners Annual Conference in Carlisle, PA.  It was a very poignant moment for me as I was set to become the 10th Master of the Guild on it's 20th Anniversary.  To obtain this title, one must:

 "Demonstrate a superlative level of ability in carving, heating & pressing, turning, engraving, and integrating woods and metals with cow horn by presenting three horn objects that demonstrate his or her ability to the Awards Committee for evaluation at the annual meeting.  Before his or her promotion, the Master candidate must give an original written and oral presentation to the HCH  on some aspect of horn working or its history."

Below are individual galleries of my presentation & the three items I submitted to a Masters panel for judging.

Although I have spent 6 years of my life working towards this goal, it is my sincerest wish and oath to continue to improve my skills every day.  This craft is steeped in the oldest of traditions and I will carry the title of Master Horner as set forth by my ancestors and the Masters that have come before me.  I will continue to uphold the mission of the Honourable Company of Horners to be a Guild dedicated to the education and preservation of horn work and in doing so I will be able to keep a dying art alive through caring hands.

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