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Customer Testimonials

 "I have been viewing and being inspired by John’s work for years now and have found him to be a truly honest and gifted craftsman. Always ready to help a fellow horn maker or set a beginner on the right path.”

                     Ron T. ”The Southern Horner”, Alabama

“I have acquired several diverse pieces of art from John, all with varying designs and motifs. John takes what appears to be a lost art of horning and scrimshaw, and creates remarkable artifacts by incorporating legends and cultural references either drawn from his heritage, personal history, or yours. Not only is John a talented artist, he is an honorable man and a pioneer of today’s artisan world; capturing the essence of yesterday.”
                                           Susan A., Pennsylvania

I’ve known John DeWald for 10 years. His craftsmanship and eye for detail is only surpassed by the master’s of the trade. John’s prices are very fair for the horn item’s he makes. I’m sure, knowing his dedication; he will be a master himself. ”
                                          Charles A., Pennsylvania

“ Thank you Sir for the most impressive piece of useable art I have ever handled. Outstanding attention to detail combined with top shelf quality. A unbeatable combination!”
                                                  James L., Florida

“ I’ve seen John take a small piece of horn and wood and turn it into a beautifully designed and crafted piece of art. His attention to detail is amazing! His humble nature and willingness to share his time and knowledge make him a true credit to the art of horning!”
                                               Kris P., Pennsylvania

“John has a dedicated interest and passion in his contemporary styling of hornsmithing and craftsmanship!"
                                                 Rick F. – Nebraska 


“I cannot express enough how extremely talented you are. Your artwork is impeccable, beautiful, beyond words, exquisite, one of a kind, and I could go on and on. I am honored to own one of your pieces and I will cherish it as will my daughter when it eventually will lay in her hands.”
                                               Kim S., Pennsylvania


“I received a small horn container from John and it exhibits some of the finest hornwork I have seen. The engraving is extremely fine and detailed and the wood turning on the base and lid are well executed. Small details in the container such as a small bead on the lid which provides a friction fit to the horn shows the care that John takes with his work.”
                                                   Scott M., Oregon

“There are few words that fully describe the craftsmanship of John. He has a way of revisiting the past, recreating the craftsmanship of Colonial America, and preserving the time honored tradition of custom scrimshaw. The spirit of the past is rekindled in John’s hands. His works all contain intricate details that elevate his art above competitors.”
                                               Ken F., Pennsylvania

“John’s attention to exacting detail will leave you wondering what century you are in….” “The best alternative to owning a piece of history. ”
                                          Shane F., Pennsylvania

“ John , I am proud to own the fine banded buffalo horn powder horn that you created, you are definitely one of the most promising horners and scrimshaw artists in today’s muzzleloading and re-enacting community!”
                                          Dennis M., Pennsylvania

” John, You are one of the most artistically gifted people I have ever known. Your work is creative, classy and most of all original. I have had many compliments on the pieces you have created for me! Thank-you!”
                                             Jean B., Pennsylvania

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